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Dear Customer, We are proud to announce that Hot spark Europe continues under

With this change also our brand new website went online.

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On our new website you will find more kits and more information about the kits. 


Hot-Spark webshopHot-Spark for Bosch distributor

The Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit replaces breaker points and condenser in the distributor to provide rock-solid reliability. With the Hot-Spark electronic ignition, dwell and timing are always spot-on accurate.

Although your engine might be very powerfull, without a good ignition one cannot use it's potential to the maximum. The Hot-Spark electronic ignition-kits replace your old contact breaker points and condensor with a solid-state, durable and affordable electronic ignition.

The Hot-Spark kits use the very reliable Hall-technology. There are no moving parts and no parts that wear out. Hot-Spark kits therefor have zero wear, no point float, amd no bad breaker contacts or condensor. Dwell is allways spot-on. The electronics are all cast in a thermoplastic housing and is fully protected agains heat, oil, dirt and moist.

After installing the Hot-Spark ignition kit (which is as easy as replacing contact points) you will never have to do any maintainance to these parts, never have to check timing or dwell, etc. The Hot-Spark ignitions will give you endless maintainance free miles.

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