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 Quick Installation 

- Remove the points and the condenser and its wire from vehicle. 
- Place the magnetring on the rotor shaft.
- Smear a little bit of the white paste on the botom of the Hot-Spark plate.
- Place the Hot-Spark kit in the distributor where the breaker point used to be.
- Make sure that the ignition wires have enough slack and are not rubbing on moving parts. 
- Connect the Hot-Spark module’s red wire to positive ( + or 15 on Bosch coils). 
- Connect the Hot-Spark module’s black wire to negative ( - or 1 on Bosch coils). 
- Start the engine (one might need to rotate the distributor somewhat before starting). 
- Set the ignition timing using a stroboscopic timing light.

Type of coil to be used:
- 6 or 8-cilinder Hot-Spark kit: then you'll need a coil with at least 1,5 Ohm primairy resistance (HS17HEC).
- 4-cilinder Hot-Spark kit: 
then you'll need a coil with at least 3 Ohm primairy resistance (HS33HEC).


To check your coils resistance: Use a common digital multimeter in the 200 Ohm mode, cross the two leads of the multimeter. Allow a few seconds for the reading to stabilize and write down the reading. This is the multimeter's inherent resistance. Next, still in the 200 Ohm mode, measure between coil’s + and - terminals (all other wires disconnected). Allow a few seconds for the reading to stabilize. Subtract the first reading (multimeter's inherent resistance) of the current displayed value: the answer is your coils resistance.

For detailed installation instructions, please see the following documents:

-Bosch kits
-Bosch dizzy's

-Are you having installation problems: Troubleshooting

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For more (technical) info, please see our main site:

The Hot-Spark modules are designed for standard 12V negative ground applications only. Reversing the red and black ignition wires will destroy the ignition module and void the warranty.


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